7 Landscaping Trends – Artificial Lawn Increasing Property Values in Perth


Artificial lawn is spear-heading the trend of turning backyards into magazine-style outdoor entertaining areas. Along with a sharp increase in the use of pavers, artificial lawns and plants are replacing large spans of flat traditional lawns with functional entertaining spaces.

The trend is called hardscaping; that’s adding patio, concrete, deck and paving to your garden; creating sitting, dining or kitchen areas for relaxing and entertaining.

artificial lawn and stone

Landscaping your garden into an outdoor room effectively doubles your usable living space; using surfaces that are resilient and less formal, provides families with excellent ‘de-stressed’ entertaining zones.

These outdoor ‘rooms’ are highly sought after by property buyers; adding value to your property.

These outdoor areas are designed and built to be easy to maintain; using artificial grass for colour and texture, they have the feel of separate rooms, specifically designed for entertaining outside in our long, hot Perth summers. 

pools and artificial grass

Adding Artificial Lawn to Your Landscaping

Vertical Gardens or Feature Walls

vertical wall

With block sizes shrinking, so to are areas dedicated to gardens. Creative vertical gardens create great outdoor wall features. Aesthetically they look lush and interesting, and acoustically they absorb sounds that would normally be bouncing off pavers or walls, and have your neighbours complaining.

You can create ‘live’ vertical gardens or mix it up with artificial grasses.

Using artificial lawn helps to maintain your vertical garden in winter when many of your ‘live’ elements look less than their best; keeping your feature wall looking great all year round.

backyard cooking

Dry Creek Beds

If you have the space, dry creek beds are a great addition to landscaping. They help with drainage and work perfectly to segment your outdoor space into separate areas for dining, cooking or lounging.

bridge over dry river bed

Succulents and Native Plants

Like artificial lawn, succulents and natives create water wise gardens; perfect for Perth weather. With literally hundreds of varieties to choose from, you can get any size, color or shape to fit your landscaping design plans. They need little pruning or watering; making an easy garden for busy workers or weekend travellers. 

fake grass with potted plants

Artificial Lawn or Turf

Artificial lawn and turf continue being a popular trend in Perth. From saving water, looking good and feeling great to walk or play on, artificial grass is low maintenance and works well with many garden styles.

backyard entertaining

Artificial lawn needs some maintenance, like watering, from time to time, mostly to remove dust and leaves, but there are so many quality Australian Made varieties to choose from that look fresh and natural all year round, its a trend that won’t disappear soon.

Call us for a free quote to supply your artificial lawn or help you with designing your outdoor space, landscaping and artificial grass needs. We’ve been installing artificial grass and landscaping for 16 years.

relaxing garden

Ponds + Water Features

Adding architectural features to your garden like ponds, waterfalls or fountains are very popular.

artificial turf and poured concrete pavers

Influenced by Asian retreats on our door step, a skilfully designed water feature can give your garden the ‘Bali’ look or a traditional ‘European’ feel and add style as well as reducing traffic or street noise, pool pumps and air conditioners, while creating a retreat of serenity.

Adding artificial grass around your pond, fountain or other water feature creates a soft, lush landscape against hard bronze, concrete or stone water features.

Its wise to check with your local council before installing your water feature; making sure you follow water regulations can save you time and money later.

Patio + Decking

Patios and decking in high quality, hard wearing materials, will last you and your family a lifetime of entertaining.

patio entertaining

Maintaining a deck can be hard work; wood needs feeding and removing mould from pavers takes time, but add artificial lawn areas into the mix and your workload is reduced, so you can socialise and enjoy your surroundings more often without stress.

Landscape Planning + Design

outdoor dining area

Many people have realized that having their outdoor living space professionally designed and landscaped adds significant value to their property. If you are installing premium materials, then making sure they look their best by choosing the best design for the space makes sense. 

Spending time to design the best outdoor area suited to your way of life, your home and your block can add significant value to your property, as well as giving you years of enjoyment.

Installation Cost

Hardscaping generally costs more than lawn. After all, when you are talking about items like pools, decks or pond, you need a variety of skills and materials to make it look like a professional job.

But there is no comparison to the pleasure and entertaining value you get from these additions. No-one ever says “come over at look at my lawn.” Well, not more than once.

And when you add the cost of mowing, fertiliser, herbicides, mowers or whipper snippers over ten years and compare to the costs, you won’t be surprised to learn that hardscaping plus artificial grass is the solution that will save you the most time and money.  

Whether you decide on artificial lawn, vertical wall gardens, or pavers our team and Synthetic Grass WA can help you with all your landscaping needs. From our grass removal service, to landscaping and edging, call us for a free quote today.