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As you start investigating artificial grass installation, it becomes clear its more complicated that simply laying down turf. The costs of installing artificial grass may seem high; but when you know the factors that go into a premium artificial grass installation, it will become clear where you should cut costs, and where you should invest, to get the best looking grass installation.

artificial grass installation

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Lawn Size in Square Meters

One of the major costs in laying artificial lawn is the amount of material you need to cover the size and space of your installation. 

This is calculated taking into account the size and space in square meters as well as the shape of the space. Areas that are oddly shaped;with corners, bends or turns require more synthetic grass material to line up turf edging correctly, with all pile going in the same direction, so your new lawn will look seamless and natural.

synthetic grass courtyard

Without the grass pile going in the same direction or the material edging perfectly matching, your lawn will look fake and even strange to the naked eye.

A professional artificial grass installer knows how to complete the installation with the minimum amount of fabric, without wasting material, and still providing a premium product.

Installation and DIY Labour Costs

To complete the installation, specialized equipment and labour skills are required.

remove grass + compact soil

Labour can be a major cost component. As well as hours needed to complete the installation, knowing how to use specialized equipment for the job, as well as creating the best foundation for a flat, solid and secure lawn, can save time, money and avoid mistakes and errors, such as cutting fabric incorrectly or creating a surface with inadequate drainage.

If you have the necessary skills and you decide to complete the installation yourself; contact us for a quote to purchase our top quality Australian made, non-toxic grass along with our equipment hire service.

dead or bald lawn spots

Keep in mind, that without the right foundation, drainage and installation, your synthetic grass could deteriorate, tear or move within months, only to be removed and reinstalled.

Often the best way to reduce costs, is to have professionals complete the installation, allowing them to use their knowledge and expertise to finish the job quickly, using the least number of man hours, material and using their equipment.

Lawn Removal and Landscaping

We’ve seen many DIY grass installers, place synthetic grass directly over natural turf. The result is expensive and wasteful.

If you have natural grass; removing and disposing of your grass, before you lay artificial grass is vital. There is a cost involved in this removal. Its time consuming and requires equipment; but necessary.

artificial grass median strip

Laying artificial grass over concrete, has a different sequence of steps to prepare the surface for the artificial grass installation.

It many not seem important, but preparing the soil correctly will allow your synthetic turf to look better and it can also significantly increase the life of your fake grass. Avoiding, ignoring, or taking short cuts with this step will have consequences within weeks of laying your artificial grass.

Along with removing grass, creating a landscaped garden is as important as laying a good quality grass. Meters of fabric often looks tired and uninteresting. Landscaping your garden while the equipment and skilled labour is on site, will give you a highly professional job and a beautifully designed garden.

See our gallery of landscaped gardens.

The Right Grass for the Right Location

The price of artificial grass can vary according to its quality, pile, usage, traffic, durability and function. We have large range of synthetic grass that will suit your domestic needs for turf, putting greens and playgrounds.

choosing the right synthetic grass

Our products are Australian made with good warranties from long term manufacturers. While the prices can vary per square meter, they are all high quality and non-toxic.

The investment in artificial grass means huge savings in your time, mowing, gardening, fertiliser application, allergy reduction and water consumption.

Subtracting these costs from your artificial grass installation, means an overall investment with positive long term returns.

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