Artificial Lawn for Ant Control – Its Time to Stop Ants Destroying Your Yard


Artificial Lawn to Stop Ants Destroying Your Yard

With artificial grass you can save time, money and hours of work. While most home owners want a garden lawn that looks beautiful and low maintenance, there is another reason to get rid of your lawn and install artificial grass. Ants!

lawn from ants

Lawn ants mostly attack lawn that is stressed and unhealthy. But they also love hot dry weather; exactly what we have a lot of in Perth, Western Australia. By removing grass and installing artificial lawn you can protect your lawn from being destroyed by the 5 different varieties of ants in Perth.

 funnel ants

Tiny Ants Can Cause Big Damage

The idea of ants doesn’t really worry too many people, until they see the amount of damage they can do to your lawn and your house. Their sheer numbers alone can cause;

  • Exposed lawn root; killing individual grass root systems in your lawn.
  • Soil movement, causing uneven areas across your lawn. This can make your lawn difficult to mow and dangerous to walk across.
  • Shield grass from sunlight; causing it to die.

There are of course solutions to reducing the ants in your lawn once you have identified the correct ant species. But it doesn’t end there.

dying grass from ants in perth wa

Consider your neighbours; do they have the same ant problem? If you kill the ants on your property, how long will it be until neigbouring ants discover an uninhabited piece of land to infiltrate? Will you cause your soil, your family and pets more damage with the solution by using harsh chemicals to eliminate the ants?

How do You Know You Have an Ant Problem?

  • Is the soil disturbed, sunken or are there small mounds?
  • Does your grass look faded or dead in spots?
  • Are there colonies or hills of ants either along the foundation of your home or in your garden??

You could have ants! There are 5 invasive ant varieties in Perth. Some are more dangerous than others when it comes to destroying your lawn, or even your home.

Once you identify the ants that live in your grass, you have to kill them and destroy their homes and finally rectify the damage to your lawn.

This can be a long, drawn out and even expensive exercise.

Using artificial grass, you can by pass these and future ant problems. You might still have a few ants; but its unlikely they will live on your artificial grass… they are probably on their way to your neighbours.

synthetic grass for landscaping

Big headed ants/coastal brown 
Pheidole megacephala  

coastal brown ants in perth wa

Commonly found around Fremantle, these ants have no smell or sting but they can bite. Its not painful, compared to the tunnels they create under pavers; leaving piles of sand everywhere! They can also live in pots, by living of the protein and sugars of root hairs.

Infestations of these brown headed ants create thousands of inter-connected holes with small mounds of excavated soil that can go for acres.

Damage can be so extensive that brick paving is unsettled and roots of plants and lawn simply die.

White Footed Ants


These ants live inside buildings, appearing in swarms and then disappearing. They smell when crushed, don’t sting and leave trails. They happily live with other ants species without dominating them; but can be difficult  to control. They often need repeated baiting to get rid of them; only soldiers die with baiting, rarely the Queen becoming a long drawn out process.

Argentine Ants
Linepethina humile

Argentine ants have no sting, create trails and smell slightly when crushed. They normally live outside, displacing other ant species with their super colonies. They love sugar and proteins.

Black argentine ants under a microscope

They expand their colonies using multiple queens in each nest and moving a queen and workers to new areas. Their nests are not always easy to identify for baiting making them difficult to exterminate. You need patience to control this species.

Odorous Ants
Iridomyrmex spp

 Iridomyrmex spp ants in perth wa

This Genus of ants are found when the coastal brown ants are exterminated. They have no sting but when crushed have a strong smell. When disturbed, they run all over you.  They live outside, in large colonies and will happily replace other species.

They thrive on animal fats and sugar.

Black House Ant

Ochotellus spp
Generally found inside, black house ants have a slight smell when crushed. They are timid, have no sting and wiping surfaces with eucalyptus oil safely discourages them.

 black house ants in perth

Best Natural Lawn Ant Control Practices

Install Artificial Grass

synthetic grass courtyard

If you have ant problems, the prefect long term solution to the ant problem in Perth, is to install artificial grass to your garden. Call Hugh today for a free over the phone quote.

You can also try these two methods to contain your lawn, however, if the problem persists, contact us for our expert opinion.

Practice Good Lawn Maintenance.

By keeping your lawn stress free and healthy, you reduce the likelihood of ants. This is a regular regime of cutting your grass the right height, checking soil nutrient and acidity levels and feeding grass and soil with nutrients, seeding it with new grass and watering it regularly and as your council permits to avoid water restriction fines.

Apply Pesticides.

If your lawn is not healthy, consider using synthetic or chemical pesticides to treat ants where they live. There are a variety of products on sale to control ant hills. This can be expensive and time consuming depending on the number of ants and their resistance to the pesticide.

No matter what solution you attempt, be careful not to pour these directly on your lawn or you may kill your grass along with the ants.

But it doesn’t end there. Once you have eliminated the ants out of your lawn, you must plant grass seed. Start by leveling out the area with a rake. Add some nutrient rich top soil and then plant grass seed and water in.

easy maintained artificial grass

Hugh has over 18 years experience in installing artificial lawn and can help you design, plan and install your artificial grass. See our lawn gallery here.

We also have trucks and bob cats for hire if you decide you prefer to install your own artificial lawn. We have DIY instructions; outlining the steps to install your artificial grass correctly and avoid the many mistakes most DIY installers make.