Artificial Lawn Perth – Council Verge Fake Lawn War



Artificial Lawn Perth Council Controversy

Artificial lawn Perth has caused Councils to strike out against home owners. If you are one of the thousands of people who have installed artificial lawn in Perth on your verge, you will be interested to know that many Perth Councils are preparing for another lawn war.

While synthetic lawn is pet and child friendly, Councils like the City of Stirling have told their rate payers to remove artificial turf from their verges; because it breaches council policy as it is not their land.

Keep reading to see how your council rates in the artificial lawn Perth debate.

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Choosing Beauty Over Bad Behaviour

Disappointed that councils are not looking after verges, ratepayers are installing artificial turf on local government property without permission. The installation is easier to maintain, takes less water, no mowing and always looks fresh and natural.

The fine is up to $5000, if prosecuted, but many don’t care, citing that councils are not doing their job when they allow verges to die, or become weed infested, during the hot dry Perth summer months.

Earlier this year, Mark Pavisich, from the Green Estate in Churchlands collected more than 130 signatures to override the policy after he was told to remove his fake grass, costing $1500, within 21 days.

The City of Stirling’s policy is that residents are only allowed artificial turf when it doesn’t exceed one-third of the total verge area. But this is where the policy and the Council are at odds. Mr Pavisich has less than prescribed one-third of turf, but he also has pavement. The Council informed him he can only keep one. 

“I think it’s unfair that I’ve been penalised for attempting to beautify my verge when there are examples of verges dying off in the area that the council aren’t doing anything about,” he said.

The Council had issued 221 caution notices for all non-permeable coverings and obstructions on verges last year and fined six individuals a modified penalty of $250. This could be a sign of things to come; but residents are asking ‘is just it a revenue raising exercise’ and what’s the point of only having synthetic turf on only one third of your verge?

 artificial grass perth council
Residents who want to take over the Council’s responsibility and beautify their own verges, could face a similar dilemma this year. Perth hot and long summers make it difficult for most councils to water verges let alone weed and add flowers or plants to them. The cost is prohibitive and maintenance is near impossible.
What should you do? Should you be denied looking after your verge or allow it to die? How does your council stack up in the artificial lawn Perth verge debate? Can you add synthetic lawn, plant vegetables or native plants? Perth must decide; not only for a tidier verge but for the cost of maintenance and the water saving opportunities for this dry state.
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Artificial Lawn Perth Council Results

It is not only Perth’s most or least progressive councils you need to worry about, but also the tolerance level to verge flower, vegetable or fake lawn by your neighbours and local community; anyone can go to the council and complain, accelerating the actions of the council. If you are interested in synthetic grass but don’t know enough about it, read more at our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Wembley resident Sue Jefferies had her sustainable verge garden destroyed after a neighbour complained. 

Bayswater verge in keeping with council policy
Chris Cornish, Bayswater councillor, replanted a section of his verge to accommodate council policy.  
Photo: Chris Cornish

Choosing synthetic lawn, real lawn, paving, native gardens or edible gardens have significant impact on the environment; how your street and house look given verges comprise huge proportions of public open space.

Peppermint Grove has a very rigid council allowing residents only lawn or Peppermint Trees, while Fremantle is one of the most progressive, it managed to consume almost three times the water of waterwise winner Osborne Park.

Your Verge Guidelines

unkept verge

Armadale Council allows three or more householders to form a Neighbourhood Verge Plan and provides tree planting assistance and mulch supplies.

Bayswater Council approved Perth’s first “turf paving” verge trial, using a synthetic platform that allows real grass to grow through but still requires high levels of watering. The main benefit is the artificial platform allows cars. It works as a pave-free driveway.

artificial turf bayswater

City of Bayswater permitted Architect Pablo Segnini to use his turf paving on a driveway.

Cockburn Council subsidises bird nesting boxes and bird bath, free garden sustainability workshops, sustainability and biodiversity grants.

Jarrahdale, Mundaring, Kalamunda, Serpentine Councils provide residents with free native plants.

Victoria Park Council encourages neighbours to transform verges into native gardens with their ‘Adopt-a-Verge’ program with Waterwise landscaping and eligible for a $500 rebate per property.

Subiaco Council allows residents to apply for a verge restoration which covers grass and plant removal and soil or mulch to install sustainable gardens. There is also a $100 subsidy for household owners wanting verge landscape assistance.

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South Perth Council provides free mulch to residents. 

Vincent Council operates aAdopt a Verge Program’ which allows approved verge plans to claim 20 free native tube stock plants, earthworks undertaken by the City and supply and installation of mulch for free.

What About Vegetable Patches or Artificial Lawn Perth?  

Councils that allow Synthetic Turf include: Belmont, Melville, Canning (whole verge); Joondalup, South Perth (half); Nedlands (40 per cent); Stirling, Fremantle (one-third); Mosman Park (30 per cent); Cockburn (quantity unclear); Cottesloe (no policy).

Vegetable gardens permitted and subject to various conditions include: Bayswater, Canning, Cambridge, Claremont, Cottesloe, Melville, Fremantle, Vincent, Stirling, Subiaco.

It might be outside your home but when it comes to your verge, Councils forbid garden ornaments, raised beds, fencing, gravels, rocks, garden stakes or spiky, thorny or poisonous plants. But that doesn’t resolve the problem.

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Synthetic Grass WA can help you install your artificial lawn and help you address most Council questions. With over 15 years of artificial lawn installation experience, Hugh Wilson can help you with your installation.
Councils need to address the issue of verge neglect by changing existing policies and adding guidelines to accommodate the growing interest in artificial lawn in Perth. Well kept verges help suburbs maintain their land value and neighbourhood attractiveness.