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Top Quality Cheap Artificial Grass

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You can get a cheap artificial grass price from Synthetic Grass WA that will suite your garden requirements; from a small courtyard, front lawn, landscaping, backyard or other garden needs.

Our fake turf is high quality, is manufactured in Australia and has a solid warranty.

We use an underlay, with internationally recognized draining and cushioning qualities that can withstand most garden requirements to help your lawn look fresh and natural for years.

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Our artificial lawn comes with a solid warranty and because its a hard wearing, practically industrial strength artificial grass, you can expect low garden maintenance costs from hard wearing synthetic lawn installation.

Our fake grass has been manufactured in Australia for over 40 years, allowing us to supply superior quality synthetic turf at cheap prices without sacrificing quality. With the manufacturer of our synthetic turf range located in Australia, there are few shipment delays, quality issues or pricing issues unlike imported synthetic turfs.

You not only get Australian made artificial grass at a cheaper price but our fake grass range is soft to the touch, easy to maintain and will last for years.

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Best Fake Lawn For Water Saving in Perth

The unique underlay system we use is perfect for drought-prone areas like Western Australia to help with saving water and reducing water bills. With the increasing cost of water supplies, imposed council fines and limited water, using artificial grass around the Perth Metropolitan area is becoming increasingly popular. .

Australian made, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, safe for pets and humans. These lush waterless lawns reduce water, herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers and other toxic chemicals.

Our Photo Gallery is full of fake grass projects that can easily suit your home, block or courtyard.

Choose Quality Fake Grass For Your Artificial Grass Installation

Using one of Australia’s one of the leading artificial turf manufacturers means your artificial grass installation will look fresh and natural for years.

Our qualified and experienced synthetic grass installers can complete your synthetic lawn installation in just days; including removing old grass, levelling your landscape and preparing your lawn for your artificial grass.

We specialise in producing high-quality landscaped gardens using synthetic grass. Call us for an obligation free quote.