Cheapest Artificial Grass Perth is Here!


We’re not offended if you look confused – we know our grass is the cheapest artificial grass Perth and the best value for high quality, Australian made artificial grass. It is UV stabilised, with a latex backing, so it won’t fade and is incredible strong; stopping weeds from coming through.

artificial lawn perth

Its the cheapest artificial grass Perth because its durable; made with our harsh climate, dry soil and outdoor lifestyles in mind. Unlike so many grasses, we know our grass is incredibly hard wearing, lasting years and is easy to maintain. That’s a great investment and that’s what makes it cheap; because it will look great for years where others tear and stretch quickly over time. 

We offer a few different lengths of synthetic turf; depending on how you are planning to use it, if you have pets or children or intend to park your car on it. The wrong artificial grass on your lawn will deteriorate quickly; that means you’ve paid for installation costs, not a quality synthetic lawn product.

Most homes can benefit from using a longer artificial grass length, around 35mm, for a luxurious, plush looking grass with a natural feel and feels good to walk on. Shorter grasses tend to work better if you have pets or children who love to play.

artificial turf

With over 16 years experience of installing artificial grass, Synthetic Grass WA has tried a lot of different grasses from various manufacturing countries; we know which ones last the longest and look the best for longer.

That’s why we know our grass is cheap artificial grass Perth! In fact, its probably the best priced grass in the Perth market.

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Buying a good quality cheap artificial grass is only part of this story; you need to install it properly or else all you have is a few metres of cheap synthetic grass that will look very worn and artificial within months.

Installation Process of Synthetic Turf

installing fake turf

  • Once you have selected the area you want your new fake grass to cover, the area is excavated, removing and disposing of any existing lawn, in some cases trees and plants. We offer this as part of our service but you can do this, hiring our bob cat or truck.
  • A specific base material is added to the area. Its compacted and levelled a number of times to give a natural firm finish. This step is vital for better wear and tear and a more natural finish.
  • Your selected artificial grass is installed over the flat firm base; joining it and making certain the pile is cut and flowing in the same direction. Done incorrectly, the grass looks like fabric stitched together like a mismatched quilt.
  • For a perfect fit, excess grass is “cut in” against the surrounding edges; it is tightly secured so it won’t move or tear and looks very natural.
  • White silica sand is spread over and swept evenly over the new grass. This weights down the grass and supports fibres to sit up right and not flat.
  • Maintaining your artificial grass is relatively simple and should last for many years to come.


Low Maintenance

One of the biggest advantages for busy households is how little maintenance good quality fake grass needs. Unlike natural grass, it is not destroyed by ants, weeds, fungus or humidity, it doesn’t have dead spots or need mowing or fertilizing.

no more mowinr or weeding

Synthetic grass is particularly easy and cheap to maintain because synthetic lawn needs less water; perfect for our hot dry Perth climate.

As this also reduces the need for expensive and harmful toxic fertilizers and weed killers, artificial lawn is great for our Perth environment.

We know all these factors make it the cheapest artificial grass Perth!

landscaping with artificial grass

Brushing, or raking, is all you need to remove leaves or pet debris and helps grass blades from flattening.

Hosing down from time to time, removes dust particles and keeps the lawn looking fresh.

Cheapest Artificial Grass Perth – Feels So Natural

Good quality grass feels very similar to natural turf; its easy to walk on and soft.

Whether you are using it on your front lawn, in your entertaining areas or around the swimming pool, there is a high quality artificial grass that will suit your needs.

Water Makes It The Cheapest Artificial Grass Perth

The current water restrictions are making maintaining a healthy green lawn in Perth, with our hot dry climate, very difficult.

Perth suburbs are drying up fast from lack of water and neglect.

Many of our streets are lined with lawns that are dry and look like straw; the only survivors are green weeds.

Its no wonder that many Perth residents are embracing synthetic turf faster than any major capital city in Australia.

From playgrounds, lawns, entertaining, areas, golf courses, and around swimming pools, it looks and feels like natural grass.

dead lawns over Perth

We have selected only Australian made artificial grass because it is specifically designed for our harsh climate.

artificial grass golf course

Let us help you with any urgent landscaping or turf installation. Our small experienced team of synthetic turf installers will help you with estimating quantity, placing an order, preparation of the area, and installation. See more in our Image Gallery for landscaping ideas and Call Hugh Wilson on (08) 7444 4848 for a free quote today.