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WA Water Crisis Means Fake Grass Perth Soars

Western Australians are being put under even more pressure to reduce their water usage around the home. One area that is constantly under threat is the home garden. Its not surprising that in 2017 the demand for fake grass Perth has surpassed all other years.

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While gardens, along with block sizes, may be shrinking, the demand for outdoor dining and living areas means Perth residents have even higher expectations for their garden areas to look neat, stylish and low maintenance.

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Previously, that was only possible when water was plentiful and someone in the household was a designated gardener. It meant hours of dedication, education and investment in fertilisers and gardening equipment.

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With longer commutes to work, two income families and single occupied homes are finding a vibrant lush natural garden is very difficult to create and maintain; even if someone else cuts the lawn, the list of chores to keep the garden neat and green between mowing is long and never ending.

From weeding, fertilising, pruning, controlling ant problems, and even dog holes, it goes without saying, that very few Perth residents would give up their garden. What they want to give up is the problems and maintenance that goes with it.

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After all, in Perth we have perfect weather for outdoor family gatherings and entertaining, relaxing outside with Asian inspired walkways and waterfalls and smarter more stylish barbecue areas for cooking our local and imported seafood.

Families want more from their outdoor garden lawns and areas, without doing all the work themselves or hiring others to do it, and still having an amazing world class outdoor area to relax and entertain in.

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For most people that means cutting out the biggest commitment of them all; natural grass. Some have chosen endless concrete or pavers that often look like dry, glaring landscapes. Both substances retain and emit heat and can be less than pleasant places to spend time in, let alone walk on; unless its late at night, when the west coast Fremantle Doctor, has arrived, cooling the air until the following morning. Like blank canvas, they look bland and visually unappealing.

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Savvy home owners turned to using artificial grass before it was fashionable. Synthetic grass is a fantastic landscaping tool; helping to soften the hard lines of pavers and concrete. Using this along with hedging, edging, plants and trees, its possible to design and create wonderful front garden and backyard oasis that offer a visual mix of heights, textures and color, adding even more to the appeal to your curb appeal and for outdoor entertaining.

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As popularity in fake grass Perth suburbs has increased and as safety issues about fading and toxicity have decreased, more people are seeing the investment of artificial grass as a permanent ‘best solution’ to the water crisis, which seems to be worsening, not improving, with each passing year; as well as a smart property investment, when selling, as other home owners look to similar outdoor lifestyle garden solutions.

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Synthetic Grass WA has a number of different installation plans that can really help you to get a green, lush, fresh looking grass and outdoor entertaining area using our grass removal and excavation services, multi-layered compacting surfaces, installation of grass and sand infill services.

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You can do all, or some of these yourself, hiring our bob cat and truck, purchase 100% Australian fake grass Perth and finally install it yourself (here’s our DIY guide). Or we can do it all, from designing to installing the artificial grass for you.

With over 16 years of design, planning, installing and landscaping synthetic grass, particularly around swimming pools, we know the best way to install artificial grass so it always looks natural and fresh.

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We also know the best fake grasses to use for our Perth climate; even if you want to install tree house or swing sets for your children, using recycled open cell shock pads under playground equipment. We know the best fake grass Perth pets like, and how to get rid of those pet urine smells.

From fake lawn design and installation, weed protection or front verge design, call us, ask for Hugh and your free quote on (08) 7444 4848.

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