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Synthetic Grass WA is one of Perth’s longest established suppliers of high quality synthetic grass with the best fake lawn Perth prices.

We understand Perth’s hot dry climate, changing block and lawns sizes and the need for hard wearing lawns that look fresh and natural all year round. 

fake lawn perth prices

That’s why we supply a range of different artificial grass type with different densities and colours as well great fake lawn Perth prices.

Why Fake Lawn Works

Living in Perth with our long hot summers and mild winters means outdoor living, entertaining and large open spaces.

It also means tight water restrictions. Leaving your garden and lawns unattended, even over a weekend, can result in your lawn turning dry and brown and even dying.

dead or bald lawn spots

Keeping your natural turf looking healthy and fresh has become a serious challenge; people were reducing lawn sizes adding concrete, brick or paving to reduce water consumption and maintenance.

Now with improved quality, appearance and fake lawn Perth prices, artificial lawns are not only practical but affordable.

Fake lawn is perfect for Perth’s hot summers and dry winters.

Our hard wearing synthetic grass works perfectly for lawns, gardens and open spaces dealing with our salty coastal weather and hot dry conditions.

Our landscaping and gardening experience can help you design a garden to enjoy and use all year round.

Benefits of Faking It with Artificial Turf

natural looking synthetic grass


With so many lifestyle benefits, the real benefit of artificial grass, is the one that suits you, your family and lifestyle the most.

  • Natural Appearance: Synthetic grass has developed into a high-quality product. Using a combination of weave densities, fabric and textures it is designed to look like natural and authentic grass. Our Australian made grasses are some of the best in the world and perfect for our weather conditions.


synthetic grass


  • Low Maintenance: Apart from diligent watering, natural turf also needs expensive fertilising, mowing and toxic weeding treatments. If you have an expensive reticulation system to help you with watering, you have the added burden of maintaining broken pipes or sprinkles. Synthetic turf is easy to clean; simply hose to remove dust accumulation and rake from time-to-time to unflatten any matted fibres. If you have pets you should consider using our pet cleaning products.


  • Perfect Lawn Coverage: Every home owner is trying to create a smooth and even lawn surface; avoiding dry and bald patches caused by ants, mould, fungus or insects. From front lawns to outdoor entertaining areas, synthetic lawn gives you perfect lawn coverage all year round, even in those hard to grow shaded areas.


  • Perfectly Green: Your front and back lawn areas will look green all year and you can enjoy your garden and not be held hostage by it.


artificial grass made in Australia

  • Safety First Turf: We only use the best quality Australian made synthetic turf.  It is toxic free and safe for children and pets.


Best Fake Lawn Prices Perth

One, or more, of these benefits make Synthetic Grass WA the best fake lawn prices in Perth.

Our grasses will help you and your family enjoy your outdoor lawn and entertaining area all year round without the struggle, cost or challenge of maintaining a lawn in Perth.

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