Your Guide to Synthetic Lawn Landcaping Ideas


Synthetic Lawn Landscaping Guide

Synthetic lawn is one of the biggest trends in gardening in Perth. It might be driven by the lack of water and the increasing cost of creating a manicured garden, but sythetic lawn is the perfect solution to creating a beautiful landscaped garden, and highly functional spaces, without all the headaches of a traditional garden. Grass might be natural but it doesn’t work well everywhere.

artificial grass around pool

With many years of installing synthetic lawns in Perth, we have a lot of ideas when it comes to building a low-maintenance landscaped garden; giving you more time to enjoy your family and friends in your garden.

In fact, synthetic lawn is often the only solution when it comes to creating natural looking gardens around pools, small front yards and shaded backyard entertaining areas. It works so well because it feels and looks natural, and being hard wearing and easy to maintain makes it even easier to use and live with.

We can help you with your residential or commercial landscaping needs to create usable spaces. From removing grass, adding pavers and installing grass, our landscaping skills will make sure your project is a success. Some very popular and trending landcaping ideas using synthetic grass include:

Swimming Pool

Using natural grass around a swimming pool was always a natural disaster waiting to happen. Grass and chemicals don’t mix, and its a battle that grass never wins. Even salt pools kill natural grass.

no mowing synthetic lawn

Using synthetic grass around a swimming pool looks and feels great. It maintains its colour all year round and never needs mowing; so no grass in the pool!

Synthetic lawn is also much cooler than pavers on our hot summer days. With synthetic lawn around your swimming pool you can entertain guests or just relax without sitting on hot pavers or looking at yellow grass.

You can Forget:

  • removing grass clippings from your pool,
  • mowing within the fenced pool area or
  • the chlorine or salt burn killing your grass. 


Putting Golf Green

A golf green is the ulimate luxury when you have the space but not the time to practice your golf swing.

While a putting green looks impressive, it needs to be landscaped into your back yard, so it blends in with the rest of your garden. Putting greens can be created with different surfaces and sizes, according to your experience and skill level.

putting green

Landscaping your putting green into your backyard is not always easy, and our experience can assist you create a space that is functional and fun.


Detail In Between Pavers

Contrasting pavers with synthetic grass is a big trend because it creates a huge visual impact. The checkerboard look framing pavers with artificial grass is a luxury look that is difficult to achieve with natural grass but easy to maintain with artificial grass. This look is popular for entertaining areas, around pools and even in front yards and garages. It easily separates different areas, creating outdoor rooms with little effort for maximum appeal.

artificial grass garden

No Sun – Shaded Dead Areas

If your grass looks uneven and patchy it could be that it is trying to thrive in a shaded area, where the sun doesn’t shine. In our harsh climate we need shaded areas to keep cool but trying to keep your grass alive and green in shaded areas is difficult if not close to impossible. Eventually, the grass will die and the soil will become hard and dry. Attempts to re-grow grass in these areas is difficult. Often, water simply runs off the hard and dry soil and your grass will look patchier than ever.

dead or bald lawn spots

Landscaping using shade tolerant shrubs and plants and synthetic grass will help you keep your garden looking fresh and natural with very little maintanence. If your garden has areas that are difficult to maintain or you would like to get more functional space from your garden, contact us for a Free Quote.

synthetic grass with pavers