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We are happy you’ve stopped by to find our more about cheap artificial grass Perth. Like most people, you are looking for the best deal you can get on synthetic turf. We like that!

cheap artificial grass perth

We’ve also done enough artificial grass installations over the last 16 years to know that you want value, quality and a product that will look great; year after year.

Something that reduces your gardening work load and is tough enough to withstand children, pets and entertaining and still looks perfect.

Well, we won’t disappoint. If you’ve never had synthetic grass installed before there are a few things you should know, so you can get the best value from your artificial lawn investment.

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Three Things When Considering Artificial Grass Perth

You already know that the Perth Artificial Grass industry has expanded a lot over the last few years. There are lots of companies, contractors and individuals all offering a variety of artificial lawn; some at very cheap prices.

With so many offering what appears to be the same thing, it can get a little confusing to work out what is a good deal. After all you not only want the best deal, you want fake grass that looks like the real thing for years to come, not only the next 6 months.

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Cheap Artificial Grass Perth – Price + Quality

The variety and influx of artificial grass has grown greatly. The price of fake grass has come down, which is great for us as installers and for you, our loyal customers. There of course, cheaper inferior products; but we won’t use them. We know our grasses and we have found they are made from lower quality materials, cheap backing, are much thinner, with less pile height and are very toxic.

They don’t last as long, or look as good. That makes us look bad.

Better products, using higher quality materials are mostly made in Australia. There’s not doubt about it.

Made in Australia

The quality is better; they are also better for your health, containing less toxic materials and made to withstand our harsh summer climate. There are obviously good products coming out of other countries like Holland and China, but we’ve tried them. Along with false labeling, the product is more than often, not what they advertise. We only use Australian made products.

Our many years of trialing synthetic grasses from all over, has led us to the conclusion that Australian made grasses are the highest quality, safest and longest lasting artificial grasses currently on the market.

Given that Australian synthetic grasses are backed with a manufacturer’s warranty, from companies with solid reputations built over decades; their artificial products are built to last.

Being manufactured from premium materials means they are priced slightly higher than imported grasses.

Is that Bad? Are you Crazy to Pay More?

We’ve seen the results of many grass installations over the years. Australian synthetic turf does cost more than imported turfs. We find that adds about $500 to the average grass installation. That’s about 20% more. Is that too much to pay for a long term investment that looks superior, is safer and lasts many years longer? We don’t think so.

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Installation and Service

Our years of installation experience means we know about the perils of cutting corners, skimping on preparation and the best way to install artificial grass correctly to get the most natural looking cheap artificial grass Perth.

remove grass + compact soil

We can help you with your landscaping needs and in selecting the best type of grass for your family, pets and entertaining needs.

We know that a great looking finish comes down to using the correct base material, under your artificial turf, and that it is thoroughly compacted for a totally even, weed free surface.

We also know that if the grass is not cut correctly, joined expertly, with good quality edging, the result is a zig-zag carpet effect, pulling in different directions, that can easily tear and will need replacing before the year is out.

Finally, we add a thick layer of silica sand to the top. It keeps the grass in place, feels more natural and protects the grass longer.


We do more than just install synthetic grass; we strive for the best landscaping design for your garden, block shape and budget.

When Bigger is Not Better – Business Size, Maintenance and Warranty

As a Perth operator, our synthetic grass installation business operates mostly by word-of-mouth, not big ticket advertising. Large national franchise businesses have big advertising budgets; expensive retail outlets and sales people. They pay commission and use subcontractors; its no longer cheap artificial grass Perth.

These increase your installation costs.

Australian dollars

At the other extreme, operators who offer cheap artificial grass Perth supply low quality imported grasses, promise very long warranties and long life grass, not knowing if they will still be in business in twelve months. Like their low quality grasses; their warranties shrink and fade.

Synthetic Grass WA under Hugh Wilson, has operated in the Perth Metropolitan area for over 16 years. We think long term; because we like being in business, long term.

We pass on savings to our customers by buying our grass in bulk; direct from Australian manufacturers. We are more than happy to supply references from a long list of customers

We don’t employ sales people on commission or subcontract out our work.

We guarantee our work, offer a variety of deals, and the best value installation prices in Perth.


Call Hugh Wilson today on (08) 7444 4848 today for a free quote for your synthetic grass installation.

You will find our high quality service, experience and premium grass the best cheap artificial grass in Perth.