How to Choose the Perfect Length Artificial Grass Pile

artificial turf as a drive way with pavers

Long Versus Short Artificial Grass Pile

Artificial grass pile ranges have grown substantially over the last few decades, along with different qualities and styles. How do you choose the right pile length for your garden? And does it really matter? The answer to the second question, is ‘yes’ the pile length you choose does matter if you want your garden to look fresh, natural and to be long wearing, because the pile length is not just about looking good but about functionality.

Start with these factors, such as:

  • Your anticipated or allocated budget.

  • How you expect to use your garden area – entertaining, relaxing or for sport.

  • Do you have children and/or pets and who will use your garden the most?

  • Do you want a relaxed, modern, country or tailored garden look?

Each of these gardens work best with different synthetic grass pile heights and densities to look right and wear well.

While long piled, dense and multi-toned grasses are at the expensive end, you may not need an expensive grass. In fact, you might be better off with a cheaper artificial grass.

Effortless garden using artificial grass

Cheaper Economical Artificial Grass Turfs

Cheaper economical artificial grass pile is available and sometimes more suited to a wide variety of households because cheap artificial grass are often compact, making them hard wearing and perfect for:

  • Gardens used for sports or games. The grass takes the wear and tear of bouncing balls, running or jumping, better.

  • High traffic such as energetic dogs and children and less likely to flatten.

  • Home driveways for parking cars and other heavy vehicles.

  • Easier to maintain and clean.

Mid-Range Artificial Turf

  • These synthetic grasses are more expensive but also softer than cheaper, economy artificial grass.

  • They look more natural from a distance.

Superior Synthetic Turf

  • Longer synthetic grass pile heights over 30mm per blade makes this a softer and child friendlier grass. 

  • It also looks real from a very short distance.

  • If you have pets, or trees that drop a lot of leaves, this is a more difficult grass to keep clean, with items getting caught between the blades of grass.  


artificial grass pile - longer is softer

Choosing the Ideal Blade Length for You

For most households, wanting a superior landscaped garden, a longer length, of say 35mm, will add volume to your grass and also looks and feels fresh and natural.

Shorter lengths of artificial grass pile are ideal if you have pets, are concerned about easy maintenance or want to use your artificial grass on heavy duty areas like a driveway.

Artificial grass by the fence.. easy maintenance

Artificial Grass Pile Height

For most back yard and front yard gardens, anything shorter than 25mm doesn’t look natural or becoming. The longer the blade the softer and more luxurious the finish. If lush grass if what you are after, look for blade lengths over 35mm. 

If you have a terrace, consider a denser grass between 14mm – 35mm. This will cut down wear and tear and still look like lawn. The addition of furniture, dining tables or chairs means using a shorter, denser grass will last longer and maintain it compact integrity.

Longer Synthetic Grass Turf Pile

Longer blade pile lengths used in artificial grass Perth, are highly desirable and often used on front garden lawns. It is manufactured to withstand wear-and-tear, extreme weather and heavy foot traffic and yet remain durable. But it is more expensive, especially if you are installing it over a large area and maintenance is higher with garden and pet debris being more difficult to remove.

Short Pile Fake Grass

Short pile fake grass is 10 – 20 mm in length. It is cheaper and well suited to large areas, particularly if being installed for tennis courts, cricket pitches, children’s playgrounds and the preferred option by many synthetic grass suppliers for outdoor functions like weddings or cocktail parties.

Short pile turf might be resilient but looks less natural and more “fake” because of its colour and texture. 

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