Perth Artificial Grass Trends 2017 – Best Ways to Use Synthetic Turf


Perth artificial grass trends for 2017 are following the world with new and different ways to use artificial grass stylishly, economically and as a way to break up large areas of concrete, decking or paved areas.

Perth Artificial Grass Trends 2017

Synthetic grass is a great way to add colour to your back yard without all the trouble, work and costs associated with natural turf. This artificial grass day bed is a great way to relax; especially when your outdoor area is concrete.

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That’s not the only way to use artificial grass. It works well around swimming pools, and in between pavers, to break up large areas so they look landscaped and divided into living zones. This low maintenance backyard is easy to keep clean, neat and tidy while looking like a high maintenance garden.

pavers and artificial grass

These pavers work particularly well if you want to add outdoor tables for dining or seating for relaxing; providing a stable and secure floor. Safer for high heels and less opportunity for pets to dig and destroy.

Artificial Grass Fencing

Artificial grass is a great way to secure your privacy and create an interesting garden hedge or border. Unlike the hours of work a natural hedge can take to maintain to keep looking neat, this artificial grass fence looks perfect all year round. Call us today for a quote on (08) 7444 4848.

artificial grass fence

Artificial grass acts as a curtain to absorb traffic noise or noisy neighbourhoods. This is perfect if you live in a high density, built up area surrounded by other houses or apartment blocks.

Noise from schools, high traffic, shopping centres or nearby restaurants can be reduced by using artificial grass fencing as a buffer to reduce and deflect noise. Imagine reducing the noise level instantly.

create privacy with artificial grass

Like all artificial turf, there is a certain amount of maintenance needed to keep your synthetic turf looking good. But it is easy, low cost and fast.

Rinse with water from time to time to remove debris such as leaves or dust that can accumulate between the fibres.You can also rake fibres from time to time to keep fibres from becoming flat; which makes them look natural and healthy.

This will help to keep your artificial grass wall looking vibrant all year round.

Door Entry

Another Perth artificial grass trend is using synthetic grass to landscape and beautify home and door entries. Mixing artificial turf with granite, pavers and borders creates a low maintenance entry that looks picture perfect at all times.

Artificial grass/xeriscape:

Using warm wood tones, with artificial turf and hedging is another growing trend. Adding different textures and heights into your garden entry gives a lush, rich landscaped look without the continual up keep of regular gardens.

artificial grass entry

Blocks of synthetic grass below have added colour and texture to this once concrete front entry and driveway below. Depending on the type and quality of artificial grass you have selected, driving and parking on this surface will not destroy the grass.

Hard wearing synthetic grass surfaces are now manufactured to take the weight of cars without causing any damage to artificial grass. Not all grasses are suitable, so make sure you choose the correct synthetic grass type before buying or installing it. Professional installation is recommended so the synthetic turf is secure and will not move or tear over time.


Alternative Artificial Grass Uses

There has been an increase in the number of home golf putting courses being installed in Perth. Using your backyard as a small golf course is an ideal way to get some exercise and golf practice, when going to the golf course is too difficult.

Using artificial grass as your golf putting course means no maintenance and all fun.

Contained to a small area, the cost of installation is relatively cheap, leaving other areas in your backyard free for entertaining, a dog run or a vegetable patch.  

Perth artificial golf trend - putting course

Securing an area for your pets is becoming another Perth artificial grass trend. Creating a specific pet area reduces damage that can be done by dogs who love to dig, along with confining pet droppings to a small contained area.

This means cleaning is faster and easier. Pet urine can be rinsed away quickly. In some cases, something stronger might be required to get rid of pet odors. Synthetic Grass WA sells a range of pet cleaners that work well to eliminate pet smells. Contact us to find out more.

Perfect Turf® Dog Runs 1. No Muddy Paws! 2. Much easier to maintain than natural grass. 3. More gentle on your dog’s feet than gravel or mulch. 4. Droppings become dry & hard making clean up a breeze!:

These are just some of the Perth artificial grass trends for 2017. See more ideas at our Gallery or call us today at (08) 7444 4848 for a free quote.

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