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As a long term business to supply and install artificial grass Perth Metro; we don’t disappoint. We’ve installed artificial turf to thousands of homes and want to help you get the best value from your artificial grass investment.

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Synthetic grass has become popular over the last few years, and there are more companies and individuals offering to supply and install artificial grass Perth at very low prices; its easy to become confused with all the different offerings.

To get the most from your investment pay particular attention to these three factors; the product, installation and the business you are dealing with. 

Our Business is Supply and Install Artificial Grass Perth

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With over 16 years experience we supply and install artificial grass in the Perth Metro area, we know large businesses have existing overheads like large advertising budgets, commission sales people, television advertising and retail shop fronts, that are factored into their pricing, pushing up their prices to you.

Lately, we have also seen small ‘pop-up’ businesses arrive; without any artificial grass experience and using the cheapest of imports, and offering warranties and guarantees they cannot deliver.

Selecting the right artificial grass installer is as important as choosing the best grass for your home; because if there is an issue with your grass, you want to know that the warranty on your grass and workmanship are real and backed by a solid long term business.

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As an artificial grass installer of more than 16 years and with storage facilities in the Perth Metro area, our  mobile service means we keep costs low and quality high.

Supply and Install Artificial Grass Perth Prices

The Perth market is currently seeing a flux of cheap artificial grass products. To compete they use lower quality materials that have less artificial grass backing, a lower pile height or density than better quality synthetic grass products. The result is they don’t last as long or look as good as better quality fake grasses. It sad, but within a few short months, your artificial grass looks like an inferior product to the naked eye. 

We prefer to only use high quality grasses; in the main, that means artificial grass manufactured in Australia. Over the years we have tested various artificial grasses and found that Australian manufactured synthetic grass has the best manufacturers warranties, appearance and long term wear and tear. They are manufactured to last and are the safest, containing no toxic materials.

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Being manufactured with high grade materials means they are priced slightly higher than imports from countries using less expensive materials. Warranties from these countries are less reliable and difficult to enforce; leaving you exposed.

At Synthetic Grass WA our range includes high quality Australian made artificial lawns and imported artificial lawns that meet our strict quality criteria and warranty standards.

Installation and Service Artificial Grass Perth

Our specialist installers make sure your artificial turf is installed correctly. With years of experience, we know the best way to cut artificial grass so it looks like turf, how long it will take to install so it sits and will not tear or move the best way to remove existing lawns to create the perfect level foundation for your new grass.

suppy and install artificial grass perth

We make sure all our synthetic lawns are installed:

  1. With a thick blue metal dust base, leveled and compacted. This not only gives a better looking grass but prevents weeds from coming through.
  2. According to the grain of the fabric, so that it can sit naturally against surrounding paved areas, without any obvious seams or joins.
  3. And pinned securely along edges and joins, making sure the grass is held firmly in place to avoid future tears and accidents.
  4. With a thick layer of silica sand infilled and brushed in over the grass. It feels more natural to work on, secures the grass and provides more protection.

At Synthetic Grass WA we are happy to help you with the process; from quoting and choosing the right grass for your home to assisting with landscaping ideas, installation and after sales service.

We are mindful of creating the best landscaping design for your budget.

Contact Hugh Wilson on (08) 7444 4848 for a Quote or Client Testimonial Today.