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Our Synthetic Lawns Perth Products

Our synthetic lawns Perth products are specifically chosen for the demanding Western Australian climate conditions. Over the many years of installing artificial grass, we’ve tested various imported and local products and we know what works in Perth and is great value for money. 

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Cheap fake grass looks terrible. It reduces the value of your home and needs replacing three times as fast and better quality fake grass.

Choosing quality synthetic lawn means having a lush garden lawn all year round, that needs very little care or maintenance and lasts significantly longer than cheap artificial grasses.

Quality manufactured synthetic Lawn will last for years. Even with our hot summers and dry winters, it is manufactured to withstand the demands of families with children and dogs or cats without tearing, fading or peeling away.

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We like using Australian Manufactured synthetic grass. It is made to a high standard, perfect for our climate conditions and warranties that we can easily enforce under Australian legislation.

If you suffer from allergies to grass, pollen or pesticides, you will benefit from artificial grasses woven from synthetic yarn and because it is UV guaranteed, and fade resistant, the colour won’t fade. 

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On days over 40 degrees lightly sprinkle your artificial lawn with your garden hose before using. Wait for the water to evaporate, one to two minutes, and the grass will be dry and cool to use.

Brush or rake the synthetic fibres from time to time, like carpet, to avoid them laying flat.

Natural grass sounds great but there is nothing more disheartening that dead or brown grass that is impossible to revive. When your natural grass has passed the point of no return, we can help you to landscape your garden, creating a low maintenance garden that looks neat, green and lush all year round. 

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When it comes to installing your synthetic grass:

  • If you have time and the relevant skills, you can Do It Yourself.
  • If you prefer a professional installation, we can remove your grass, install your synthetic grass and clean up before we leave.

While we sell synthetic lawn to you direct so you can install synthetic grass yourself, we also have a bob cat and truck hire service, to help you with removing grass as part of soil preparation.

bob cat and truck hire service

Call us on (08) 7444 4848 to learn more.

For the best synthetic lawns Perth, make sure you read our maintenance guide so your lawn will look great all year round. We have pet products to get rid of urine smells as part of our maintenance service.

Synthetic grass looks so lush, natural and fresh that when you have parties with family, friends or guests on special occasions and outdoor events, very few will notice your beautiful landscaped lawn is not natural turf.

Our synthetic lawn products come with a warranty and obligation free quote.